A Bit of History


Israeli Dancing of Ann Arbor was started in March of 2008, by a group of people who wanted to have a fun, energetic and WEEKLY dance group available in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Laura Steiner, Cheryl Feit, Gordon Smith, Mira Sussman and Eileen Freed met with the JCC Director, Leslie Bash, to talk about their goals for starting a new group in Ann Arbor.  As a result of this meeting, Leslie agreed to offer the JCC gym for the use of the group on a day that the JCC was open and available. Cheryl Feit volunteered to come from West Bloomfield every week to teach the group.  Amnon Steiner volunteered to be the D.J. and prepare a weekly program.  Laura Steiner volunteered to lead publicity efforts.  Russ Ericksen has been a volunteer teacher for the past several years. In fact, all the organizers of the group are providing their services on a volunteer basis. 


The first event was an energetic dance party with Ann Arbor’s own dance instructor, Tom Starks, attended by over 50 people.  Another great event was the recent dance party with internationally known Israeli dance choreographer, Shmulik Gov-Ari, who was in Michigan to choreograph the August 21, 2008, community dance performance in celebration of Israel's 60th anniversary at the Michigan State Fair Grounds.

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